The Evolution of Envjoy

Envjoy approached me with the incredible opportunity to live and work in Barcelona while devising their digital marketing strategy for international audiences.

Upon its acceptance into Barcelona Activa’s highly-respected Preincubation Program at the Almogàvers Business Factory, the Barcelona-based tech startup went on the search for international talent to elevate its brand to the next level.

As an MBA candidate with extensive international experience, I was recruited as their Digital Marketing and Innovation Intern to develop their brand and digital presence for international audiences.

For an early stage startup, their greatest challenge was definining their brand identity and positioning themselves in a way that would begin to build public interest in their technology during its continued development.

What I Did

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Visual Identity (Logo Design, Color Palette, and Typography)
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Voice
  • Buyer Personas
  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Content Development (Email Newsletter, Blog Posts, Social Posts)


Want to learn more about this project and my experience? Contact me using the contact form on the Contact page in the menu.

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