Understanding Your Customer

Whether your conducting business in international markets or in your local area, it is important to understand your customer’s motivations for a purchase and the cultural considerations that factor into their buying decision. Ethnography is an excellent way to gain insight into your customers and tailor your marketing strategy for your target audience. This field of qualitative market research helps both small businesses and multinational companies better understand the consumer with regards to how their culture, lifestyle, and attitudes influence their buying behavior and usage of products or services.

To inform your next marketing activities, consider one of these ethnographic research methods among your customers:

Depth Interviews – an in-depth interview is a special type of conversation that involves an unstructured one-on-one interview of customers to explore their perspectives, feelings, and attitudes on a particular product or service.

Projective Techniques – a projective technique is a way to move beyond a participant’s natural defense mechanisms when probed about personal information. It allows them to project their onto something else, which can actually reveal a lot about themselves. These techniques include word association, sentence completion, consumer drawings, and photo tests.

Observational Methods – observing your consumer’s actual behavior over an extended period of time can provide the most insight into their lifestyle and attitudes. These methods can involve monitoring their digital communications on social media and other online platforms or in-home observation and field notes.

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