New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

Traveling is one of the top new year’s resolutions for many as the year comes to an end and people begin to look forward to what the next one could be. As an avid traveler, I like to set goals that encourage me to continue to go outside of my comfort zone and experience a different side of life. Below are some of my travel-themed resolutions for the new year to give you some inspiration when creating yours:

  1. Travel Solo – When I first began traveling, I would always fly to new cities and countries wandering around with friends but was too worried about being alone to really venture off to the streets and sites that make travel worthwhile. Afraid of branching off from the group to do the things that I was most interested in, I didn’t take the opportunity to discover the world around me all on my own during these adventures quite the same way I would now. This year I plan to travel solo to one of the many international cities that I adore to do the things I want to rather than waiting for a friend to book a flight with me. The time to travel is now. There simply isn’t enough time to waste waiting around on someone else to plan the trip for you.
  2. Take the Road Less Traveled – While some tourist-heavy cities get more attention from budding travelers compared to others, it is important to get off the beaten path sometimes and truly explore what others have yet to discover. Trust me – you will have far more interesting stories to tell than you would otherwise! That is why I am booking my ticket for East Asia this year to try out authentic national cuisine, walk beautiful trails, and meet new people. I encourage you to do the same.
  3. Give Back – My travels have given me so much: I picked up Spanish while studying abroad in Costa Rica, I met my partner while traveling in Japan, and I began my career with my first international work assignment in Australia. After gaining so much from the countries that I have visited thus far, it is about time that I make a concerted effort to give back to those communities in a meaningful way. That is why I am planning on searching for opportunities to volunteer my time and skills while traveling abroad.

What are your goals for traveling this year?

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