Travel Spotlight: Sydney, Australia

After a 23-hour long plane ride from the bustling streets of St. Louis to the calming city view of Sydney, I had the luxury of landing in Australia for the first time. The towering skyscrapers of the major city juxtaposed to the open waters below the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge were incredible. If you haven’t been to any part of Australia before, I recommend traveling to Sydney for a welcoming introduction to all that the continent has to offer. Here are my five must-see attractions in Sydney:

1. Sydeny Harbour Bridge – The famous bridge is surrounded by beautiful boats pulling up and pebbled streets framing the path along the water. This amazing view only gets better with their Bridge Climb attraction that allows you to climb right to the top of the bridge for a view like no other.

2. The Opera House – If you’ve seen the pictures, then you need to visit this city gem in person. The Opera House will leave you in awe of its grandiose nature and size. Steps that seemingly go on for miles leading up to the entrance are filled with photographers and their smiling subjects.

3. The Royal Botanic Garden – I’m a huge fan of the outdoors. Nature’s beauty is enhanced here with unique sculptures and art along the trails in the garden right along the ocean’s blue waters.

4. The Sydney Tower – If you’re a photographer, then this tower is a must. The needle will take you all the way to the top high above the city skyscrapers for a full view of the landscape. If you’re not afraid of heights, the observation deck will provide you with a true perspective of the vastness of Sydney.

5. Madam Tussauds Sydney – Any time I know that a city hosts one of the many locations for this famous wax museum, I make it a point to visit. The realistic wax versions of our favorite celebrities are so much fun to take photos with. While I may not have meet these Olympic medalists and iconic figures in real life, I can always dream at Madam Tussauds.

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