Travel Spotlight: U.S. Virgin Islands

This past week, I was traveled to the island of St. Thomas for a company event that I helped coordinate in order to create a luxurious experience for attendees. The greatest perks my work offers me are all of the places that I get to go and the amazing people that I meet while I am there. The Virgin Islands offered the fresh seafood, Caribbean music, and local hospitality that would make anyone consider relocating. Here are my top three reasons to visit:

  1. Island Hopping – Island hopping is so easy in both the U.S and British Virgin Islands. Simply catch a ferry for a relaxing ride across the ocean to any of the islands, spend your day sight seeing and enjoying the local treasures, then return to your hotel via ferry back to the island that your staying on. Low fares and ferry rides every hour on the hour until midnight make this a must for any tourist visiting the location. Why limit yourself to one island?
  2. Beautiful Resorts – I had the luxury of staying at the Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas during my stay. This resort will blow you away. Situated on a white sand beach, its open design takes advantage of the year-round warm weather and offers a private experience that makes the resort a worth venture of its own. Yoga sessions on the deck over the ocean, running trails with beautiful views, and local entertainment created this relaxing atmosphere that is hard to come by.
  3. Local Hospitality – The locals living there were some of the most loving people I’ve met in my travels thus far. They welcomed me with their life stories, to events with their groups of friends, and secret hot spots around the islands. The new friends alone are enough reason to go back and visit.

The Caribbean is a beautiful region to explore and the U.S. Virgin Islands is a great way to start. You don’t need a passport to go as a U.S. citizen. Just proof of citizenship and you are on your way.

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