4 Lessons Learned from HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Certification

This past week, I earned my Inbound Marketing Certification from HubSpot. Continued learning and independent study is important as a recent college graduate since university curriculum is often dated, especially in the marketing industry. By going through the online training courtesy of HubSpot, I received a great introduction to inbound marketing. While familiar with much of the content, I learned four key points:

  1. Content is not enough. Creating innovative and compelling content is simply not enough to attract new customers or expand your company’s reach. Your content must answer your prospect’s questions and address their needs. You then must market your content (and yourself) to make sure that your message reaches your target audience. Content should be created for a target audience and then shared across channels so that they can find it.
  2. Personas are a starting point. Developing buyer personas to get a better understanding of your ideal client is necessary, but you should not stop there. Personalization is key. We collect more and more data every day about our customers that can allow us to more effectively cater to their needs. As your client goes through the buyer’s journey, be sure to personalize your message to their needs as you learn more.
  3. Know your audience. Your customer may be found in a Starbucks on a Sunday morning but another audience can be found on Instagram for visuals or Twitter for news and information. Approach people where they are and where they want to interact with you.
  4. Analytics are your friend. The level of creativity and novelty that comes with marketing is its main appeal for many, but the field has become a balance of art and science. As data and analytics become increasingly important in trying to understand and interpret consumer behavior, marketers need to be equipped with the skills to measure and modify their marketing campaigns.

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