Travel Spotlight: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place filled with excitement beyond the dynamic nightlife that it is known for. As a marketing professional, Vegas has become a frequent stop for my business travels. The city’s grand convention centers and glamourous hotels have made it the number one choice for industry tradeshows and events. These are my highlights that anyone planning on traveling to Las Vegas should experience:

  1. Luxurious Hotels – Las Vegas has some of the most beautiful hotels, which is why I make it a point to stay at a different one each time I visit. From Caesars Palace to the Bellagio, the hotel is an experience all on its own. Many have a variety of restaurants for fine dining along the infamous casinos that give it the classic Vegas vibes.
  2. The Vegas Strip – The strip at night is filled with lights, entertainment and people from all over. Independent performers can always be found out and about showing off their talents while tickets for shows are being offered around every corner. Even if the nightlife is not your thing, the strip has entertainment for anyone’s taste.
  3. Industry Events – There is always a major industry event happening in Vegas. Everything from the global meetings and event’s industry’s largest show to the forefront of the technology industry has been there and you should have been there to. Do yourself a favor and check out what shows will be in town because the networking opportunities at these events cannot be matched.

Las Vegas is an interesting city full of surprises, so consider it your next business trip to see what all it has to offer.

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