Meaningful Connections

I am a woman consumed by wanderlust. That is to say, I want to see the world. I will seize any opportunity to gain new experiences and business travel is no exception. Traveling for business is quite different from traveling for leisure, but that doesn’t mean that one is confined to the four walls of a conference or meeting hall. My work has extended me the opportunity to venture out on my own to places that I may have never visited otherwise.

The greatest value in traveling for work is the aspect of traveling solo. As a woman, traveling solo can be somewhat taboo but for me it is both enlightening and empowering. My travels have given me much needed time for introspection and reflection as well as seeking out meaningful connections. My work introduced me to people from around the world with experiences far different from my own. Their stories have been the ones that led me to seek more value in each day. These connections have even been the added value in each day by exposing me to new ideas, places and other people.

Business travel can be as simple as an 8-hour work day followed by a quick bite before bed at a hotel or it can be as incredible as an eventful day filled with thought leaders and visiting some of the world most iconic places. Take the initiative to plan and organize for your next business trip and see how much more you can get out of it rather than feeling like your missing out on whatever awaits you back home.

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