4 Ways Travel Changes You

Most recognize traveling as an opportunity to see the world or even have an impact on the world around them, but it is hard to anticipate the way that travel will change someone. Everyone has their own motivation for traveling and will return with a unique experience that is all their own, but here are five ways that travel changed me.

  1. The Difference in a Day. I live for the novelty in life. Traveling to different places and experiencing new things for the first time makes you realize how much more life you can get out of each day. It’s easy to get stuck in the daily routine of our lives, but the monotony can become draining. Going out into the world and seeing all there is out there made me feel alive again. The excitement in everyday motivated me to change things up more often when I returned from my trips.
  2. Sense of Independence. Studying abroad for the first time meant leaving the comfort of familiarity back home. Being forced to use a language other than my own, find my way through the streets of foreign cities and rely on myself to get by gave me a sense of independence I never had before. When I came back home, I was no longer hesitant to venture out on my own or make things happen for myself.
  3. New You. You will be surprised at the level of confidence and lack of hesitation you have once you put yourself out there. The risks that I would have been too afraid to take back home become some of the most incredible adventures and best stories to tell. You will learn to take risks while you’re young and appreciate those memories later when you grow old.
  4. Home Sweet Home. As amazing as traveling the world is, at some point you begin to miss everything and everyone that you’ve grown to love. You will have a greater appreciation for what you have and excitement for what more you could. I would come home eager to do more with my family and friends and desired to buy less things than I had before. I learned to do more with much less by being present instead of rushing through the day.

The moment is now, so what are you waiting for?

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